Quinn found yoga and tantra in 2011 at a pivotal point in their life. A spiritual awakening accompanied deep healing of personal and cultural trauma; mostly having to do with sexuality, intimacy, and gender. Their primary yoga practice has been Anusara-inspired alignment-based yoga from a tantric philosophy for the past 5 years; and they completed a 200-hr yoga teacher training in 2016 at Seattle Yoga Arts.


Quinn’s journey with tantra started in the world of neo-tantra blended with a variety of sacred erotic spiritual practice. This initiated an interest in studying classical tantra. Their current spiritual identity is based in the philosophy of classical tantra, the practices of the 8 limbs of yoga, the cyclical and earth-body-revering lifeways of western paganism, and a multi-religious mystical approach that seeks to become ever more grounded in lineage and direct experience; and seeks to refract universal truths for personal and cultural relevance with an awareness of social power dynamics and consent.


In 2016, Quinn initiated a journey through a Unitarian Universalist and multi-religious seminary, Starr King for the Ministry. There, they have worked toward a Masters of Arts in Religious Leadership for Social Change, focusing in a few areas:

  • Sexual justice, particularly for sex workers and legally liminal sexual educators and healing arts professionals

  • Nondual and nonbinary philosophies and theologies of gender

  • Yoga and tantra

  • Embodied, eroto-inclusive, earth-honoring spiritual practice

  • Capitalism, western dualism (the logic of dominance and colonization), and deconstructing whiteness and individualism

  • Religious misappropriation and place-based culturally relevant medicinal spirituality for ancestrally displaced people

Teachers I have worked with and their Lineages/teachers:

Postural Yoga & Tantra philosophy:

                    Amy Reed                                 (Paul Muller-Ortega, Douglas Brooks, Deb Neubauer)

                    Bianca Raffety                    (Paul Muller-Ortega, Denise Benitez)

Hindu Philosophy:

                   Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae     (Dr. Ibrahim Farajaje;Chandra Alexandre, Ph.D., D.Min;Jim Ryan, Ph.D)

Somatic Healing & Sexual Education:

                   Dr. Betty Martin                  (Isa Magdalena, Donald Epstein, Body Electric School)

Queer Tantra:

                   Alex Jade                                   (Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati, Institute of Transformational Movement)

Queer Sacred Embodiment & Kink:

                   Barbara Carrellas              (Louise Hay, Joseph Kramer, Jwala)

                   Sinclair Sexsmith                 (Body Electric School, Sharon Salzberg, Tristan Taormino)

Syncretic Spiritual Sexual Healing:

                   Amrita Grace                         (Caroline Muir, Johanna Atman, Daniel Giamario)

                   Virgil Cater                            (Tomas Heartfield, Saida Desilets, Charles Muir)

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